Relaxing holiday in Sardinia: how to reach Casteldoria termal baths

casteldoria thermal baths

You’re going to spend your September holiday in Sardinia. And you want a totally relaxing holiday, to restore yourselves from a year of work and stress. The Casteldoria thermal baths are the destination you have chosen. Now you need to know how to reach them.


The thermal baths

The Casteldoria thermal baths are in the province of Sassari, totally immersed in an uncontaminated naturalistic landscape, between the sea and the Coghinas river. The zone is overlooked by the majestic bulk of Doria’s castle, one of the most beautiful of the isle.

While the thermal complex of Casteldoria is one of the most famous and popular thermal baths in Sardinia. Its water have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties and gushes from the source at a temperature between 40 and 76°C.


How to reach Casteldoria thermal baths

The most important tourist port in the province of Sassari is the Porto Torres one. To reach Casteldoria from Porto Torres:

  • Take the provincial road 81 to Marritza
  • From Marritza take the provincial road 200 to Puruledda
  • From Puruledda take the provincial road 90 towards east
  • Take the junction for the provincial road 33 to Santa Maria di Coghinas
  • Follow the road signs to Casteldoria thermal baths.

The trip is less than a hour long by car.


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