The most beautiful beaches of Tavolara Island? They’re on the Spalmatore di Terra

Tavolara beaches

To get to Tavolara Island, just take one of the ferries from one of these three (famous) towns: Porto San Paolo, Olbia and Golfo Aranci. And, since you are there to spend a really relaxing day, you need to know which are the most beautiful beaches of this beautiful island.


The Spalmatore di Terra

Tavolara Island can be divided into two parts:

  • The first is the northeastern area of the island. This part is characterized by the presence of the limestone massif that gives the island its so peculiar form.
  • The second is the so-called Spalmatore di Terra, the southwestern part of the island: the origin of the name is the promontory of Punta Spalmatore. The most beautiful beaches of the island are here.


The 3 unmissable beaches

As already said, if you’re looking for beaches, you have to get to Spalmatore di Terra. Here, there are three places that you, absolutely, should visit.

  • Punta Spalmatore is as a sort of small island linked to the rest of Tavolara by a sand isthmus. This beach is simply spectacular, surrounded, on either side, by a fabulous sea.
  • Between the sand isthmus of Punta Spalmatore and the port of Tavolara, there’s a long white sand and pebbles beach. It overlooks an intense blue sea.
  • North of the port of Tavolara, there is a small bay, always very quiet and surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.


Another (good) idea

Since you have chosen Olbia as the destination for your next summer vacation, we can give you another good idea. Nearby, there is another of the most beautiful islands of Sardinia: we are talking about La Maddalena, a real paradise of pristine beaches such as:

  • Bassa Trinità;
  • Punta Tegge;
  • Testa del Polpo;
  • Cala Lunga di Porto Massimo;
  • Cala Francese.

To get there, just take a ferry from Olbia.


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