Summer 2018 in Sardinia: what kind of holiday would you like to live?

summer 2018 in Sardinia

Summer 2018, it’s time to think about where to go on vacation. Although, to be honest, you have already chosen the destination and it is Sardinia. Now you just have to decide what kind of vacation you would like to live.


1. Beaches

The Blue Flag is the most prestigious recognition that a beach can ever receive. Like every year, the destination of your next holiday has earned a lot. In particular, most of the Blue Flag 2018 beaches of Sardinia are located in the area of ​​Sassari and surroundings. For a holiday dedicated to total relaxation on the edge of a sea that does not fear comparisons.


2. Culture and literature

Do you know what Éntula is? Simply, an unmissable appointment if for you the holiday should always include a bit of culture and literature that makes it really special. It is a widespread literary festival that organizes presentations, meetings and debates in the squares, libraries and theaters of different and picturesque inhabited centers of Sardinia.

The 2018 edition of Éntula will continue until November. To be updated on the program, always in constant evolution, please refer to the official page


3. Music

Not any music but jazz. Because, something that not everyone knows, Sardinia becomes the island of jazz between the end of July and the beginning of November. When some very important events are held such as the Cala Gonone jazz festival and the Time in jazz. If you are a true fan of this kind of music, you have found your ideal holiday (also because the various events are held at a short distance from dream beaches).


4. Relaxation

The beaches will surely attract you. But you have a different concept of relaxation. A concept that includes saunas, massages, wellness treatments, good food, possibility to take enchanting walks in nature. In a word: spa. And the most famous spas of Sardinia are located in Sardara, Fordongianus, Benetutti and Casteldoria.


5. With children

Holidays with children require some basic things: easily accessible and perfectly equipped beaches, well-connected attractions, lots of activities and things to do for the little ones. So, Cagliari is a perfect city for a holiday with children: you will find exactly everything you need, including beautiful beaches like Poetto and Tuerredda.


Have you chosen the type of holiday that you would like to live during summer 2018? Now you just have to book a place on one of the ferries to Sardinia.


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