Spending Summer 2016 in Sardinia: 5 ideas for your next vacation

Summer 2016 in Sardinia

Summer 2016 is forthcoming. It is time to decide what to do. And, most importantly, where to go. Would you like to spend the Summer holidays in Sardinia? Well, there are 5 ideas that you should definitely consider before booking your trip.


#1: beaches of Sardinia

When you say Sardinia in Summer, the first thing that comes to mind is its spectacular coastline. From north to south, this island has beaches of all types and for every vacationer: places immersed in a pristine nature or with all the services you may wish for on a beach, Sardinia has the location for you.

Do you need an itinerary? If you have planned to stay at least 10 days here, these are the 10 most beautiful beaches of Sardinia: you won’t forget these places so easily.


#2: in Sardinia with family

You are planning a vacation with family. You need sandy and easy-to-reach beaches, or cities with things to do and to see with kids. The available possibilities are several but the most suitable for this type of vacation are:

  • Cagliari, on the south coast
  • Porto Torres, on the north coast


#3: diving in Sardinia

Wetsuit, mask and scuba tanks are the first things you take with you. Since diving is your passion, Sardinia offers you a sea that is rich of life. But this is not a holiday only for divers. Some of the best dive sites are located along the coasts of islands such as La Maddalena and Asinara, recommended places even for relaxation and for hiking.


#4: jazz in Sardinia

Are you enthusiasts of this music genre? The best month for your next vacation to Sardinia is August. When the island is pervaded by the notes of jazz: five events that will make you listen to the performances of the best musicians, both national and international.


#5: cities of Sardinia

The last idea: you can dedicate this Summer 2016 in Sardinia to history, art and culture. From Cagliari to Alghero, from Olbia to Carloforte, six cities to see and discover


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/supivas

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