Su Nuraxi: excursion to discover one of the most beautiful Sardinian nuraghi

Su Nuraxi

On the occasion of a holiday along the south coast of Sardinia, there is a place that will allow you to discover the ancient Nuragic civilization. It’s Su Nuraxi, one of the most beautiful Sardinian nuraghi. And these are the things to know to plan the excursion.


Nuraghe and nuragic village

To be precise, Su Nuraxi is a nuragic complex.

  • The centre of this complex is a nuraghe, that consists of a central basalt tower. Around this central tower, built between the Seventeenth and Thirteenth centuries BC, other four towers were built in the Bronze Age.
  • And during the Bronze Age, a village was built around the nuraghe. The village consisted of about fifty circular stone huts. Some of these huts were dwellings, workshops, and kitchens. The largest hut was for the village chief.


Where it is

The nuragic village is in Barumini, a small comune in the historical region of Marmilla, in the heart of Sardinia.


How to get there

  • The main town near Barumini is Cagliari. To get from Cagliari to Su Nuraxi:
  • Take the state highway 131 towards Serrenti;
  • Take the exit to Serrenti;
  • Take the state highway towards Barumini;
  • Once in Barumini, follow the road signs to Su Nuraxi nuragic village.

The journey by car takes less than one hour. And it’s a great idea for an excursion during a holiday in Cagliari.


Further information

For further information about Su Nuraxi (opening times, guided tours, events), you can visit fondazione Barumini official website,


Image source: Di Ciamabue –, CC BY 2.0,

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