What to see in Stintino: these are the most beautiful places

Stintino Sardinia what to see

It could be the destination of a holiday along the north coast of Sardinia. Or an idea for a pleasant, small one-day excursion from Porto Torres, which is very, very close. In both cases, it will certainly be useful to know what to see in Stintino.

  • La Pelosa. The first is the one that could be considered the main attraction of this place, almost its symbol: La Pelosa beach, famous for its immaculate white sand and its transparent sea. Looking to the horizon from this beach, you can see Asinara Island.
  • La Pelosetta. Smaller than the first but equally beautiful, to visit La Pelosetta, we recommend you to get there very early in the morning, especially if it’s summer, so to admire it in all its splendour and avoid the crowd of tourists.
  • Other beaches. In addition to these beaches, we must also mention Il Gabbiano, Ezzi Mannu, l’Ancora, le Saline, Punta Negra, Pazzona.
  • La torre Aragonese (Aragonese tower). It is now part of the landscape and it is impossible not to notice it. Near La Pelosetta beach, a small and uninhabited island rises from the sea. On this island, stands an ancient Aragonese tower, called the tower of Pelosa and built in 1578. The island, starting from the beach, can also be reached on foot.
  • Isola Piana. Also on Piana Island, which is part of the Municipality of Porto Torres, there is a tower: it is an eighteen-meters-high Spanish tower, built in the Sixteenth century and known as the Torre della Finanza (literally, “Tower of Finance”).
  • Asinara. Stintino rises on the last strip of land of Sardinia. In front of the town, there is Asinara. An island to visit during a holiday in this destination, perhaps following the different paths for trekking, you can reach it by ferry from Stintino.

These are the main things to see in Stintino. Destination, as already mentioned, which is located near Porto Torres, about twenty kilometers: you can get there by your own vehicle (and in this case better to embark a car or a motorcycle on the ferry) or by Arst public transport (for further information, visit Arst.sardegna.it official website).


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/alastair-dunning

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