Sardinia, three very special places to visit: a journey through legends and magic

special places in Sardinia

Sardinia is a magical place. Rather it is a legendary place. Rich in history, and especially full of  stories, that are as ancient as this beautiful island. Stories and traditions that, in a sense, have left traces behind. Traces such as these three very special places. They will enrich your holiday in Sardinia with a touch of extra charm.

  1. The “tomb of the giants” of Su Monte de s’Ape (Olbia). One of the most famous nuragic sites in this part of Sardinia. It is a funerary monument, a building with a rectangular plan with massive stone monoliths. Compared to other buildings of the same type, Su Monte de s’Ape has a special feature: probably, it is the re-adaptation of a much older tomb structure, built between 1600 and 1800 BC approximately.
  2. Pranu Mutteddu (Cagliari). It is known by a nickname that explains everything: the Stonehenge of Sardinia. In Pranu Mutteddu (the name literally means “field of myrtles”), between the green  Mediterranean scrub numerous menhirs of various sizes stand out (the perdasfittas, in Sardinian language). This archaeological site is still, in many ways, a mystery: we only know that maybe it was a burial place.
  3. Lollove (Nuoro). Inevitable step of any edition of Autunno in Barbagia, Lollove is a village with a romantic and charming aura. Today it is almost completely deserted, except for a few pastors who do not want to leave the place where they were born. Lollove is characteristic for the delicious two-floors granite houses, many of which are hidden by vegetation.


Image source: Di Ruiu Michele – Ruiu Michele, Pubblico dominio,

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