The most beautiful beaches of southern Sardinia: 10 paradises to discover

southern sardinia most beautiful beaches

Sardinia is a renowned tourist destination also for its beaches. And since the destination of your next vacation is the southern part, the ones you find below are by far the ten most beautiful beaches you can find along the southern coast of the island.


The most beautiful beaches

  • Poetto. Among the ten most beautiful beaches of southern Sardinia you have to start with the city beach of Cagliari, as well as preferred by the inhabitants of Cagliari. An unmissable stop on any trip to the Sardinian capital, it’s a long nine-kilometer beach with all the services you could wish for.
  • Su Giudeu. It’s located a few kilometers from Chia and Teulada, two of the places where to go in Cagliari. Su Giudeu is a long sandy beach surrounded by white dunes. It’s one of the most famous in Sardinia, especially for the incomparable show it offers.
  • Geremeas. Also this is located near Cagliari. And it would be much more correct to talk about beaches, in the plural. In fact, the area of Geremeas consists of four different beaches: Mari Pintau, Kala ‘e Moru, Marongiu, Baccu Madara. Each of these four is one of a kind.
  • Porto Giunco. The ingredients of Porto Giunco beach are simple: sand of an immaculate white and turquoise water. This is enough to make it one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Sardinia. And it’s certainly not the only one, in the area of Villasimius there are also Porto sa ‘Ruxi, Piscadeddus, Campus, Cuccureddus.
  • Tuerredda. Also this beach is not far from Chia. Six hundred meters of white beach surrounded by rocks and low cliffs. Unmissable stop for all the boats that choose this area of southern Sardinia as their destination.
  • Costa Rei. In no uncertain terms, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. To make it such contribute the golden sand and the sea of a spectacular green color. There are also many services.
  • Cala Cipolla. A small bay perfectly sheltered from the winds, always near Chia. Why choose Cala Cipolla? For its colors: the turquoise sea and the golden sand offer an unforgettable contrast.
  • Quartu. In Quartu Sant’Elena, near Cagliari. A great landscape, transparent water, and white sand. Behind the beach there is also the Quartu pond. It’s also a beach with all the facilities you could wish for.
  • Porto Pino. You move along the coast of Carbonia-Iglesias. The beach of Porto Pino of Sant’Anna Arresi is divided in two parts by an artificial cliff, it’s surrounded by a pine forest and very high dunes, and is perfectly equipped.
  • Cala Saboni. On the island of Sant’Antioco there is the tenth of the most beautiful beaches in southern Sardinia. And it is Cala Saboni, a small beach of white sand and embellished by the presence of rocks of greenish tuff: a sea of this color can not be seen anywhere else.


What to see

The beaches were the reason that led you to choose the south coast of Sardinia as a destination for your next vacation. But the things to see in this area of the island are many more. We can, in fact, suggest two other itineraries:

  • The first is the itinerary of the places not to be missed: Cagliari, Pula and the ruins of Nora, the peninsula of Sulcis, the coast of Iglesiente and the island of San Pietro.
  • The second is the itinerary of the best beaches for children in Cagliari.


How to get

To see the most beautiful beaches of southern Sardinia, the advice we give you is to stay in the Sardinian capital. All you have to do is book a ferry to Sardinia that will take you to Cagliari: from here, moving by car (which you can embark on the ferry) you can easily reach the ten paradises that we have suggested.


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