What to see in Smeralda Coast: discover the 5 most beautiful places

One can easily get there starting from Olbia, on the northern coast of Sardinia. About half an hour by car and you will be in Porto Cervo, which is the heart of the Smeralda Coast. A place, included in the territory of the municipality of Arzachena, which would not even need any introduction. And these are the five things to see absolutely during a holiday here.

  1. Porto Cervo. The heart of the Smeralda Coast, as already mentioned, is also the very first place to be seen. This small village of Arzachena, set like a jewel in a gulf to take your breath away, is also renowned among VIPs, who often choose it for their holidays. Starting from the Piazzetta delle Chiacchiere, you can discover an evocative inhabited center made of narrow streets, small balconies, small windows, all built in the typical local architecture and surrounded by the Mediterranean stain.
  2. Porto Rotondo. Porto Rotondo means beaches, above all. Dream beaches, of course, that you will not forget so easily and that will make you live a holiday of total relaxation. Just to give some examples, you can mention Marinella, Punta Nuraghe and Punta Volpe.
  3. Isole di li Nibani. It’s a group of small islands that fall within the territory of the Maddalena Archipelago National Park. A short distance from the Costa Azzurra, the islands of Li Nibani are to be seen participating in a boat trip that will take you to discover these small paradises whose coasts give an incredible emerald color.
  4. Nuraghe La Prisgiona. It’s located in the Capichera valley. The nuragic village is composed of a tholos (“domed”) nuraghe and a series of huts that surround it. Thanks to the different guides that you can find on site, you will make an authentic journey back in time.
  5. Arzachena. You can not leave the Smeralda Coast without moving to the hinterland and visit this town. To see there are the church of Santa Maria della Neve, the Nuraghic complexes and the beautiful natural areas that are nearby, such as the Paduli Saloni pond.


And to visit the most beautiful places on the Smeralda Coast, now there is nothing left to do but to book a ferry to Sardinia.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/65242918@N05

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