Spending June 2016 short break in Sardinia: 3 ideas for this holiday

short break June 2016: Sicily

June 2016 short break is forthcoming. And your desire to travel awakens. After all, this an ideal occasion for a pleasant three or four-days journey. And you have also chosen your next destination: it’s Sardinia. Now you need only a couple of good ideas to plan and enjoy the journey. Ideas such as these three.


1. Spa holidays

Why lose the opportunity to spend a great holiday dedicated solely to relaxation? Imagine this scene: the best spa treatments, delicious cuisine, and wonderful nature. In other words, you are ready for a spa holiday in Sardinia.  In particular, in this four places you can find the best spas of the island:

  • Sardara
  • Fordongianus
  • Benetutti
  • Casteldoria

These are four good ideas that will allow you to revitalize and restore body and mind.


2. Nature and traditions

Ogliastra is one of the most beautiful Sardinian regions. It has a special characteristic: here, the island’s traditions are still alive, kept inside small and picturesque towns built between the hills and the sea. Views that you will not forget so easily. And you will not forget so easily Gennargentu, the beaches, the caves. This idea is recommended if you like trekking and excursions.


3. Holiday by the sea

In early June, Sardinia gives pleasant temperatures. Pleasant temperatures, for you, mean beaches. And the beaches of Sardinia are, literally, legendary for their beauty among the vacationers that desire to relax on pristine sand and near a wonderful sea.

Well, if this is also your desire, these are the ten most beautiful beaches in Sardinia: places that will give you the best memories of the vacation, believe us.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/bemade25

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