The dream is to bathe in the sea of Asinara, Sardinia? 5 things you need to know

sea of Sardinia: Asinara

It is a real dream. Because this small island, near the coast of Sardinia, has become a legend for the beauty of its coastline. Bathe in the sea of Asinara is a dream even for you. To realize it, you have to know these five things.


1. How to get there

To get to Asinara, you have to book a ferry ticket. The ferries to Asinara depart from Porto Torres or Stintino daily (especially in Summer). If your trip will be in Summer, book the ferry to Asinara a few days in advance.


2. Which are the best beaches

Asinara is a real jewel. Protected in the homonymous national park, it is a pristine place. And pristine are its wonderful beaches: among the most beautiful, there are cala d’Arena, cala Sant’Andrea, cala Trabuccato and cala d’Oliva. Every part of Asinara’s coast offers dream beaches.


3. Not only beaches

The beaches are the main attraction of this island. But not the only one. The things to see and do on Asinara Island are several: hiking, diving, tastings of typical dishes and local products. And there’s it, the white donkey: it is the symbol of the entire island and will accompany you throughout your vacation.


4. Discover the island

As mentioned previously, the island is protected in the homonymous national park. To visit Asinara, you have several solutions: bus, wheeled train, off-road vehicle, guided tours, bicycles. You just have to choose the way you prefer.


5. How to bathe in the sea

To bathe in the sea of Asinara, to immerse yourself in the island’s waters and to take part in the excursions, you need the authorization of the Asinara National Park. For further information, please visit the official site of the park,


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