Sassari jazz 2015: holiday in Sardinia dedicated to jazz music

  • Published: 3-07-2015
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Sassari jazz 2015

Time in Jazz 2015 is just ended. Instead your holiday continues, and your appetite for jazz music is still big. There is another event that will delight all enthusiasts of this genre, two days with national and international artists. Time in Sassari in 2015 will take place on August 17 and 18.


The program

August 17, Sunday:

  • Monica Demuru and Natalio Mangalavite “Ali ai piedi n. 2” (Osilo, Piazza Brundanu)
  • Lars Daniellson and John Parricelli (Sorso, Giardino degli aranci)
  • Lars Danielsson New Quartet “Liberetto II” (Sassari, Monte d’Accoddi)

August 18, Monday:

  • Silvia Corda “New Portraits” (Ossi, Mulineddu)
  • Paolino Dalla Porta and Salvatore Maltana “Bassi alati” (Cheremule, Museddu)
  • The Rad Trads “Sassari, Monte d’Accoddi”


How to get there

Porto Torres is the most important tourist port in the Province of Sassari. From here, it’s easy to reach by car the several localities where Time in Sassari 2015 will take place.


More information

For more information about Sassari jazz 2015, you can visit the official website of the event,


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