Sardinian ride 2015: delving into Sardinian old traditions

  • Published: 9-04-2015
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Sardinian ride 2015A celebration which has an antique and strong taste, just like the traditions of Sardinia: the first edition was celebrated in 1711. A tradition that is repeated this year. On 24th May 2015, in Sassari, the Sardinian ride turns 66.

The story – As already mentioned, the first official edition of the Sardinian ride dates back to 1711, as a tribute to the City Council of Cagliari to King Philip V of Spain, but it was very different from what we know nowadays. The Sardinian Ride is repeated even today; it was organized in 1899 in honor of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita’s arrival in the city: three thousand people attended at the time.

The ride – Since 1899 the Sardinian Ride has always been repeated with the same pattern, that has become a kind of ritual: on the occasion of this festival folk groups from all over Sardinia, wearing traditional costumes, parade through Sassari streets in the morning. They parade on foot, by horse or traccas (traditional floats decorated with flowers and objects taken from everyday life).

The racecourse – In the afternoon, the party moves to the city racecourse. Here horses and riders perform pariglie and acrobatics. Then, in the evening, the Sardinian Ride ends in Italia square with traditional songs and dances from all over Sardinia.

For more information about this edition of the Sardinian ride you can visit Sassari’s website, While the closest marina is Porto Torres.


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