Sardinia: trip on traces of the Sardinian mouflon

Sardinian mouflonUntil some year ago, ita was endangered. Now, the population of this animal is increasing. And today it’s possible to see the Sardinian mouflon while it’s moving among rocks, cliffs and low vegetation.

What – Sardinian mouflon is one of the native species of Sardinia. Due to risk of extinction (during Seventies the mouflon was almost extinct because of poaching, blazes and livestock farms) today it is a protected species. Sardinian mouflon has been gradually reintroduces since late Nineties.

Where – Today, Sardinian mouflon lives in a lot of areas of Sardinia: Ogliastra, Monte Tonneri, Gennargentu, Supramonte, Monte Albo, Capo Figari, l’Asinara, Monti del Limbara. Here the mouflon has its natural habitat, and here it can breed without danger.

HowSardinian mouflon can be seen during an excursion in Sardinia. In particular, the places where it’s rather easy to see it are three:

  • Excursions from Golfo Aranci: this is the starting point to visit Capo Figari and Sardinian inland part;
  • Trenino Verde di Arbatax (“Arbatax green train”): a 159 kilometers long railroad that crosses Gennargentu, from Arbatax to Mandas;
  • Asinara: island easy to reach from Porto Torres.


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