Holidays in Sardinia: how to get to the 5 most beautiful islands

Sardinian islands

Sardinia could be defined: an island surrounded by (beautiful) islands. As you surely know, since some of them will be the destinations of your next vacation. From this point of view, we have good information for you: how to get to the five most beautiful islands of Sardinia.


1. La Maddalena

Palau is a small town located near Olbia and Golfo Aranci, on the northeast coast of Sardinia. This is the town where to go if you want to get to La Maddalena Island: in fact, from Palau, the ferries bring visitors to this beautiful island.


2. Caprera

First, you have to reach La Maddalena. Once there, you can get to Caprera Island by car, driving along the six hundred meters long Passo della Moneta, a sort of “dam bridge” built in 1958, which connects the two main islands of the archipelago.


3. Tavolara

If La Maddalena archipelago is north of Olbia, Tavolara is south. To get to Tavolara, just take a ferry or a boat departing from these three ports: Porto San Paolo, Olbia and Golfo Aranci.


4. L’Asinara

From the northeast coast to the northwest coast. Asinara is part of the town of Porto Torres. And from the port of Porto Torres, every day, ferries, boats and boat tours brig visitors to this island.


5. Isola di San Pietro

From the north coast to the southern coast of Sardinia. To reach San Pietro Island, you must arrive in Portovesme and, once again, take a ferry. Starting from Cagliari, the journey takes about two hours.


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