The pardulas: taste one of the traditional Sardinian Easter sweets

Sardinian Easter sweets: pardulas

In Sardinia, there is no Easter without pardulas. Which are one of the most typical and ancient flavors of this land. During Easter, the whole island is pervaded by the scent and the fragrance of these very special and, of course, very tasty sweets.

During an Easter vacation to Sardinia, you will discover that these sweets have different names: pardulas (in Sulcis-Iglesiente and in Campidano), casadinas (in the province of Nuoro) and formaggelle (in Sassari and in Logudoro).

Whatever name you prefer, pardulas are filled savoury pies. There are two kinds of pardulas: the first is filled with ricotta, the secondi s filled with fresh cheese. As other Sardinian Easter traditions, even pardulas have different variants depending on the region of Sardinia where you are.

Basically, while you are going to taste this typical Sardinian Easter sweet, remember one thing: pardulas stuffed with ricotta have a more delicate flavor, while those filled with cheese taste very tasty.


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