Papassini: one of the most typical Sardinian Easter sweets

Sardinian Easter sweets: papassini

Other names of these sweets are pabassinas, pabassinos and papassinos, depending on the region of Sardinia where you are. Traditionally, they are prepared on the occasion of All Saints. But they are always present during the most important feast of the year. Such as Easter. And during your vacation to Sardinia, you have to taste papassini.

Typical Sardinian Easter sweets, papassini are small sweets prepared with pastry and raisins. To which are added lemon (or orange) zest peel and honey. The papassini are baked: in addition to being tasty, baking makes them much lighter.

A curiosity: the origin of the name is papassa or pabassa. In Sardinian language, this word means “raisins”. Such as other Easter traditions of Sardinia, papassini have different variants depending on the specific area of Sardinia where you are. But, if the recipe may be different, there will always be a constant: raisins.

  • In the north part of Sardinia, papassini are prepared with cinnamon or vanilla.
  • In the south part of Sardinia, papassini are prepared with orange peel, lemon peel and fennel seeds.


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