Easter in Sardinia: the typical breads and sweets

Sardinian Easter breadAll these recipes have an ingredient in common: it’s egg, symbol of renaissance. During Easter, these typical breads and sweets are prepared in Sardinia.

Pardulas – Other names of this sweet are formaggelle and casatinas. Pardulas are very exquisite savoury pies prepared with cheese or ricotta, raisin, seasoning. Every part of Sardinia has its variant of this recipe.

Su cocoi – Egg is the most important ingredient of several Sardinian Easter breads. Such as Su Cocoi: there is an entire egg into this typical bread.

Pabassinas – It’s one of the most characteristic Sardinian Easter sweets. Pabassinas are sort of biscuits prepared with flour, lard, eggs, raisins, almonds and minced walnuts.

Sa Pippia – It can be named “magic bread”. It has the shape of a little doll with six legs, every leg represents one of Holy Week days. Traditionally, this bread was given to children, and they ate one leg for day until Easter.

Mustazzoli – Maybe this is the most ancient Sardinian sweet. It has the shape of a diamond, and it is prepared with flour, almonds, sugar, eggs, lemon, milk, cinnamon.

Lazzaro – The origin of the name is the miracle of Lazarus, restored to life by Jesus. This bread has the shape of a man covered with a shroud.

At least, among Sardinian Easter breads and sweets there are nougat and amaretto.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/francescobellu

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