Sa Sartiglia 2016: experience a very peculiar Sardinian Carnival

  • Published: 12-01-2016
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Sardinian Carnival: Sa Sartiglia 2016

Carnival is forthcoming. And this year your desire is to spend two special days in a land rich in history and ancient traditions. The land we’re talking about can only be Sardinia. And the appointment to enjoy this winter journey is Sa Sartiglia 2016 in Oristano.


The origin

The origin of Sartiglia is very ancient and it seems to date back to the games used for military training. According to tradition, Sartiglia was established in 1543 by Giovanni Dessì (a Sardinian canon) in order to curb the frequent and bloody fights that took place during Carnival between local inhabitants and horsemen and the hated Aragoneses.


The Sartiglia

Sa Sartiglia begins officially on February 2, the day of Candlemas, when the candles of the Gremi are blessed in the church. On February 7, Sunday, and on February 9, Mardi Gras, 120 horsemen take part in Corsa della Stella (literally, “the race of the star”): using a sword, horsemen try to pierce a hanging star in via Duomo.

Once Corsa della Stella is finished, the Pariglie begin: daring equestrian acrobatics that take place in Via Mazzini. The Sartiglia is held on Sunday by Gremio dei Contadini, and it is held on Tuesdays by Gremio dei Falegnami.


How to get there

The two main tourist ports from which you can reach Oristano are Porto Torres and Cagliari.

  • To get there from Cagliari, take the E25/SS131 road towards north and follow the road signs to Oristano. The journey by car takes one and a quarter hours.
  • To get there from Porto Torres, take the E25/SS131 road towards south and follow the road signs to Oristano. The journey by car takes about one and a half hours.


More information

For further information about Sa Sartiglia 2016 in Oristano, you can visit Sa Sartiglia Foundation official website,


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