Holidays in Sardinia? Here there are 7 unmissable tourist itineraries

Sardinia tourist itineraries

Coast, beach, sea. And then traditions, mountains, history, culture, archeology. Sardinia is all of this, a place made of various aspects, various different faces. And if you want to discover it, you can follow these 7 tourist itineraries.


1. Beaches in Sardinia

We should start from the sea, one of the main reasons that brings thousands of people every year in this isle for their holidays. The first itinerary is made of 10 stages that include  the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, from Tuerredda to cala Goloritzè, from cala Coticcio to Porto Giunco. You won’t forget these ten places.


2. Caves of Sardinia

The nature of this isle is wonderful, even in the subsoil, which is worth to discover. This itinerary with the caves to visit in Sardinia will let you admire wonderful sights made of stalactites, stalagmites, and subterranean lakes: some of the places you’ll see are grotta del Bue Marino, grotta di Nettuno, grotta del Fico.


3. The Sardinia of Cannonau

We can’t miss one of the most typical taste in Sardinia. The Cannonau is like the land that produces it: dry, likable and intense. And the places in Sardinia where you can taste this wine are Jerzu, Tortolì, Oliena, Mamoiada.


4. Mountains in Sardinia

Sardinia is not just sea. Even hikers will find something for them. Especially if you’ll visit the eastern coast. In fact, here there is the massiccio del Gennargentu: some of the best excursions are gola di Gorroppu, Tiscali, Montarbu forest, Codula di Luna.


5. Traditions in Sardinia

Traditions in Sardinia is a synonym of Ogliastra. A region where you can see ancient rites and memories of Sardinia, whose memory is jealously guarded.


6. Nuraghi in Sardinia

The ancient nuragic civilization has left many and precious elements in all of the territories of the isle. In fact, see them all in a holiday is impossible. So you can follow this itinerary with the six most beautiful nuraghi in Sardinia, like Su Nuraxi, Tiscali and Su Monte de s’Ape.


7. Cities of Sardinia

The seventh tourist itineraries will let you see the main cities of the isle, such as (at least) Cagliari, Carloforte, Alghero, Bosa, Olbia, Sassari.


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