Seven (good) ideas for your next vacation to Sardinia: the things to do

things to do in Sardinia

You have chosen the destination of your next summer vacation. And now you want to know which are the things to do in Sardinia. Well, we have 7 good ideas.


1. Beaches

It’s hard to say which are the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. For a very banal reason: you should see them all because every beach is wonderful. Choose your favorite beach and enjoy this vacation dedicated solely to sand, sun, sea and relaxation.


2. Relaxation

Talking about relaxation, Sardinia is an ideal destination for a spa vacation. In this case, the recommended destinations are 4: Sardara, Fordongianus, Benetutti, Casteldoria. Where you will find tranquility, nature and different types of treatments.


3. Ski

Are you thinking about spending a winter vacation and you need some ideas? Sardinia in winter is still a surprising place. Thanks to Bruncu Spina ski resort, on Gennargentu: here you will find all the conditions for a pleasant ski holiday.


4. Cities

Sardinia is an ancient land. And its cities are like small chests full of precious treasures: monuments, landscapes, works of art, museums, fortresses. The Sardinian cities that you should visit are:

  • Cagliari
  • Carloforte
  • Alghero
  • Bosa
  • Olbia
  • Sassari


5. Itineraries

The vacation that you want to enjoy is on the road. You like to travel, to see new places and breathtaking views every day. For you, there are 3 itineraries to visit Sardinia in 5 days: you just have to choose your favorite.


6. Nuraghi

As already said, Sardinia is an ancient land. Nuraghi are the most suggestive proof. From the Bronze Age to the Roman Empire, Nuragic civilization left some wonderful and inestimable monuments. Such as the 6 most beautiful nuraghi of Sardinia.


7. Cannonau

Talking about the things to do in Sardinia, you have to enjoy one of its most characteristic tastes: it’s Cannonau wine. That could be a good chance to visit the Sardinian ragion where this wine is made.


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