Mysterious stone structures: discover the Stonehenge of Sardinia

Sardinia stone structures

Megalithic monuments that stand silent for millenniums. There’s an aura of mystery around them. Set in an order that has nothing accidental but remains indecipherable. No, it is not Stonehenge, although the description is similar. And it’s not Wiltshire. If you want to know, you are in Sardinia.


Pranu Mutteddu

The nickname of this archaeological site is the Stonehenge of Sardinia. In Pranu Mutteddu (“the field of myrtle” in Sardinian language), the stone structures jealously guard the suggestions of Sardinian Neolithic civilization. The perdasfittas (the Sardinian name of these menhirs) are sixty.

The menhirs rise surrounded by Mediterranean scrub. The logic behind their disposition is mysterious: perhaps they represent male and female figures, maybe they are a refuge for the souls of the dead. A nuraghe stands on the hill that slopes down to the valleys of S’Utturu and S’Idda.

After all, this is just one of the many mysteries of Sardinia.


How to get there

Pranu Mutteddu archeological site in the commune of Goni, in the province of Cagliari. To get there:

  • take state highway 131 to Monastir
  • take state highway 128 to Senorbi
  • from Senorbi, take the inland road to Goni
  • from Goni, follow the road signs to the archaeological site of Pranu Mutteddu

The trip by car takes about one hour.


Further information

For further information about the Stonehenge of Sardinia, you can visit comune di Goni official website,

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