Holiday in Sardinia dedicated to sea and relaxation: 5 very special beaches

Sardinia special beaches

One of these is, in its own right, among the most beautiful in the whole Sardinia. So here we must dutifully report it for the unique, unmistakable color of its sand. If you really want your next holiday in Sardinia to be dedicated to total relaxation by the sea, these five very special beaches are what you are looking for.

  • Pink beach. We start right with the beach which we mentioned at the beginning. And besides, how could it be otherwise? The pink color of its sand is something so spectacular that Michelangelo Antonioni, in 1964, chose it as a set to shoot some scenes of his Deserto rosso. The Pink Beach is located on the island of Budelli.
  • Capriccioli. One of the most special of the island. Strangely, this beach is not part of the main tourist routes to visit Sardinia. Strangely, because it is as beautiful as a few others: Capriccioli beach is a small sandy cove surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, an unforgettable sight. It is located near Olbia.
  • Porto Pino beach. It is located in the municipality of Sant’Anna Arresi and can be easily reached from Cagliari. It is famous (at least) throughout Europe for the characteristic sand dunes. Nearby there is a pine forest where you can rest during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Porto Ainu beach. Budoni has accustomed all its visitors to the best about beaches. Porto Ainu isn’t certainly the exception: fine and very clear sand, with shades that tend to gray, overlooking a sea with crystal clear waters.
  • Platamona beach. Porto Torres offers this authentic jewel, the favorite of Sassari people, who prefer it especially for summer weekends. Of sand, the beach of Platamona is very wide and welcoming, and is also made characteristic by the dunes that surround it.

How to discover these five particular beaches? Simple: you only have to book the trip on one of the ferries to Sardinia.


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