Sardinia: the best 9 beaches of Riviera del Corallo

Riviera del Corallo Sardinia

Its name means “red coral”. This is one of the most popular tourist regions of Sardinia. And you want to know which are the most beautiful beaches of Riviera del Corallo, to enjoy a holiday dedicated solely to relaxation.

From north to south, from La Speranza (south of Alghero) to Rena Maiore (on Sardinia north coast), here you can find the 9 best beaches of Riviera del Corallo.


Riviera del Corallo most beautiful beaches:

  1. Spiaggia La Speranza. A small beach, the color of the sand is white-gold, the sea is blue-green, the water is shallow. La Speranza beach is very clean but also very crowded during summer.
  2. Spiaggia del Lido. It’s a white sand beach, about three kilometers long, with blue-green sea, always very crowded during summer. All the services you could wish for are available on Lido beach.
  3. Spiaggia Maria Pia. It is located near Lido and it is very popular especially for the pine grove behind the beach, where you can stay during the hottest hours of the day. On this beach there are several services.
  4. Spiaggia Le Bombarde. It is a small beach, the sand is white and fine, the sea is green-blue. Various services are available, and it is always crowded in summer.
  5. Spiaggia Mugoni-Porto Conte. Located in a large bay, the beach is about three kilometers long, with white sand and blue-green sea. Always crowded in high season, it is an almost wild beach.
  6. Porto Ferro. The nature that surrounds the beach is wild and pristine, the sand is golden and reddish, behind the beach there are sand dunes and pine trees: this is the beach of Porto Ferro.
  7. Cala dell’Argentiera. In this case it would be more correct to speak of beaches. The first is in the north and is very large. The second is in the south and is called Cala Onanu. The sea is blue, the color of the sand is gray. Surely among the most beautiful beaches of Costa del Corallo.
  8. Spiaggia Lampianu. It’s in a stretch of rugged coast where suddenly appear beaches such as Lampianu. You will find gray sand and blue sea.
  9. Spiaggia Rena Maiore. Among the most beautiful beaches of Porto Torres. Reachable only via steep path, it is never crowded.


How to get to Riviera del corallo

Riviera del Corallo beaches are waiting for you. The most important tourist port in this part of Sardinia is Porto Torres. From here, to reach the Riviera del Corallo you only need to follow the coast towards Alghero.


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