Holiday in Sardinia: this is the wonderful beach of Porto Pino

Porto Pino’s beach Sardinia

Every year there are hundreds of visitors that dream to visit it at least one time during their holydays in Sardinia. Even if it’s a bit far to reach via car. What place are we talking about? It’s the beach of Porto Pino.


The beach

The beach of Porto Pino is famous all over the world thanks to its large sand dunes that offer a unique panorama. The seabed is made by sand, while the beach is divided by an artificial cliff. There’s a pine grove near it full of rare d’Aleppo’s pine. And the sea looks like a postcard subject.


Who should visit it

It’s one of the most beautiful beach in south Sardinia and this can give you an idea of what you’re going to visit. Moreover the beach has a lot of services, like camper parking, hotel, campinkg, bar, restaurant, beach umbrella renting, beach chair and patino.

The water isn’t high, so it’s perfect for the ones who are going to have a holiday with family. And it’s also a great destination for windsurfing, snorkeling and diving.


How to reach it

The beach of Porto Pino is in the homonymous locality the municipality of Sant’Anna Arresi: starting from the town centre, there’s a little road that takes to the beach. If you have to arrive to Sant’Anna Arresi from Cagliari:

  • Take the provincial road 2 to Sirai
  • Take the state road 293 to Sant’Anna Arresi

The trip is about 1 hours and 20 minutes long.


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