Sardinia is not just sea: four itineraries between taste, traditions and mounts

Sardinia not just sea

Some of its most beautiful beaches are very famous among the tourists who search for a wonderful sea in amazing places. But pay attention:  Sardinia isn’t just sea. This isle is big, ancient and variegated. It has much more to offer to its visitors.

Visitors just like you. And this is the reason why this four-legs itinerary was created: between taste, traditions and mounts.

  1. Ogliastra. It’s where Sardinia’s traditions survive. Arbatax is the mainl town of this zone. Ogliastra is suggested for the ones that are looking for excursions in the nature (like Bingionnniga forest and Montarbu forest) and in picturesque inhabited centers (like Bari Sardo, Jerzu, Ussassai).
  2. Gennargentu. When you talk about mountains in Sardinia, the first name that comes to mind is always the Gennargentu massif, in the central-eastern part of the isle. Also in this case, it’s particularly suggested for the hikers.
  3. Nuraghi. One of the most suggestive and fascinating testimony of Sardinia’s ancient history. The isle is covered by this constructions built by this ancient civilization. If you really want to know about the Nuragic civilization, you must see the nuraghi of Olbia and Porto Torres.
  4. Cannonau. This is one of the most typical product of Sardinia, which is famous all over Italy. Jerzu, Tortoli, Oliena and Mamoiada are the four places where the Cannonau is a sort of art.  And, once you’re there, drinking some good wine you can see four wonderful zones of Sardinia.

You just noticed it: Sardinia isn’t just sea, but also much more. Do you want to discover all of the aspects of this isle? You just have to book your holiday in Sardinia.


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