The most beautiful villages of Sardinia: an itinerary to discover them

Sardinia most beautiful villages

The ancient villages have their own special charm, certainly irresistible. A charm that will make your next holiday in Sardinia even more special. Above all by following this itinerary, which will allow you to discover the most beautiful villages.

  1. Orgosolo (Nuoro). An unmissable stop for any edition of Autunno in Barbagia, Orgosolo became famous in 1969 when a group of artists from Milan created the famous murals with a social and political theme. Walking through the streets of Orgosolo is like walking in a kind of open air art gallery.
  2. Orosei (Nuoro). Just say the name and the mind immediately runs to the beaches of its gulf. While Orosei is much more: limestone bastions covered by Mediterranean scrub, nuraghi, churches, towers. In particular, the church of San Giacomo Maggiore, dating back to the eighteenth century, is one of the most enchanting of the island.
  3. Castelsardo (Sassari). In this itinerary what is considered one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia could not miss. Castelsardo is simply a suggestive place, an ancient medieval town dominated by the imposing size of Castel Doria.
  4. Bosa (Oristano). In front of you there will be an authentic show made of a melting pot of pastel colors, all different: this is Bosa, a little paradise for all photography enthusiasts. This village has so much to offer in terms of churches and ancient towers.
  5. Carloforte (Sud Sardegna). The last stage we suggest is the most particular, even if it is a bit ‘from the previous ones. Carloforte, in fact, is located on the island of San Pietro, at a short distance from the southwest coast. The town was founded by some families of Ligurian origin. Carloforte is a simply delightful place, with the narrow and winding streets that reach the sea and the picturesque marina.

Considering also the distances that can be between one stage and another, this itinerary will allow you to spend a pleasant week of vacation. And all you have to do is to take a car on the ferry to Sardinia that you have booked.

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