Land of Sardinia: when the food becames a real legend

legends of Sardinia: food and traditions

Well, now you know which are the five most beautiful legends of Sardinia. Perhaps one is missing. Because, in an ancient land like this, food becomes a real legend. Not only for its taste: in Sardinia, every special event is marked by a specific culinary tradition.

  • Wedding is one of the best moments in a person’s life. A moment that in Sardinia is celebrated worthily: for this occasion, breads and pastries are prepared in many different shapes, such as heart, flower, crown, dove.
  • Is animeddas (this name, literally, means “souls in Purgatory”) are crown-shaped breads that, on October 31 of each year, were given to children. This tradition is still alive in some areas of Sardinia.
  • In the night between October 31 and November 1 the tradition requires to put a dinner for the dead on the windowsill: homemade macaroni, wine and water.
  • The food also marks the less pleasant events: the seventh or the ninth day after the departure of a joint, sa panedda (a very tasty bread) is given to the relatives of the deceased.
  • Is pardulas are focaccias prepared with fresh pecorino, and is pabassinas are small sweets made with raisins, almonds, walnuts and cooked must: these two specialties are prepared during Easter.
  • In Sardinia, there is no Christmas if on the table there aren’t nougat, mustacciuoli (pastries prepared with almonds, chocolate, sugar, cloves) and gueffus (small almond paste pastries).


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