Kitesurf in Sardinia? These are the five best spots

kitesurf Sardinia

Sardinia is a land famous for its sea. And it’s on this sea that many people dream to fly with their own kite. Do you like to kitesurf in Sardinia? These are five best spots in the Island.


1. Porto Botte

According to many people this is the best spot in the whole Island where to kitesurf. It is located along the South-Western Coast, in Giba district. Mistral, the North West wind blows in Porto Botta and there is a long beach of sand, not very crowded also during summer. By car the beach is reachable by one hour from Cagliari.


2. Capo Mannu

On the Western coast of Sardinia, not far from Narbolia, there is Capo Mannu, one amazing and demanding spot of the Island. Here, the waves are 4 m high and the wind is always very strong. In other words, Capo Mannu is a spot dedicated to expert and well trained kitesurfer.


3. Chia

Gregale, Mistral, Sirocco and Libeccio: these are the winds in the Chia spot. The beach is renowned for these winds but also for the clearness of the sea. For this reason this spot is always very crowded, above all during the summer. Chia is less than an hour’s drive from Cagliari.


4. Baia dell’Isuledda

Baia dell’Isuledda is situated on the Northern coast of Sardinia and is also known as Isola dei Gabbiani (Island of seagulls). Here, Mistral is the wind and this spot is ideal to kitesurf also during the winter. The spot is in front of the archipelago of Maddalena. Baia dell’Isuledda is between Olbia and Santa Teresa di Gallura.


5. Cagliari and Alghero

Cagliari and Alghero are two best beginners kitesurfing spots in Sardinia thanks to their long beaches of sand (like Poetto di Cagliari).


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