Gola su Gorroppu: 10 photos to admire this place

  • Published: 27-05-2015
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You want to immerse yourself in a wild and unspoiled landscape. Where you can feel the sensation of being away from modernity. And to be in one of the natural jewels of Sardinia. For this reason you have chosen to visit Gola su Gorropu. But before you go, you want to see photos of this canyon, to get an idea of the place.

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The canyon

This is absolutely one of the most beautiful place of Sardinia. And the photos you have just seen are a proof: it is a wild and pristine canyon in Supramonte, in Ogliastra region, created by the waters of Rio Flumineddu (a river). It is the deepest canyon in the island and among the deepest in Europe.


Recommended for…

Probably, you have figured out by looking at these 10 photos: Gola su Gorroppu is recommended for hikers. Every year, thousands of visitors come in Ogliastra specifically to see this canyon. Gola su Gorroppu is 500 meters long and, in some parts, is 4 meters wide.


How to get there

Arbatax is the most important tourist port of Ogliastra. Once you are there, there are four ways to get to Gola su Gorroppu:

  • Genna Silana pass (near the homonymous town)
  • Sedda ar Baccas – Gorropu B-502 track (12 kilometers long)
  • S’Abba Arva bridge (from Dorgali to Baunei-Urzulei)
  • From Supramonte near Urzulei and Orgosolo

Don’ forget: prudence is the first thing. If you are beginners, rely on a guide or on a more experienced friend.


More information

For more information about Gola su Gorroppu, you can visit the official website, Gorropu.info.



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