Sardinia in the end of August: 3 curious things to do and to see

Sardinia: not only sea. Your journey in this dream island can be many things. Relax, fun, sea, little hill, wellness and good cooking. There are many experiences you can try during a trip in the land of Sardinia.

We suggest you 3 things to do and to see in Sardinia at the end of August.

  1. Sea. Sea and paradise beaches with fine sand and crystal clear waters are a constant in Sardinia, and at the end of August they are definitely the most natural place to spend a holiday. But in Chia Bay, in particular, there is more experience to live: to observe pink flamingos. We are on the beach of Acquadulci and its swimming pools along the coast are the natural habitat of these birds that you can admire during your flight. A truly unique show, not to be missed. Be careful, because you could also sunbath next to one of the cows, because in Sardinia, it happens that breeders bring the animals to graze on the beach.
  2. Excursions. Are you ready for the adventure by car, through sand dunes and juniper expanses? The Sardinia, in fact, offers the opportunity to make a sort of safari, simulating the experience which you usually can live in Africa. In the Is Cannoneris forest, protected by Unesco, you can admire wild cats, eagles, weasels and Sardinian deers. You can also organize excursions by MTB and quad.
  3. Cuisine. The tastes are another strong point of the Sardinia beautiful island. If you are here for a journey at the end of August, you don’t miss a relaxed lunch in the shadow of an exotic tree called carob. The main ingredients of your Sardinian meal will be the most genuine typical local products: carasau bread, Sardinian pecorino, salami and the good wine. A simple lunch but with all good tastes of this land and all tranquility which only the contact with the nature can offers.

If we have been delighted by the desire to live a nature holiday, thanks to these curious ideas, then you just have to book a ferry to Sardinia, because relaxation and adventure are waiting for you.


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