Vacation along the east coast of Sardinia: between beaches and things to see

  • Published: 29-03-2018
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Sardinia east coast

The doubt about where to go on holiday in Sardinia you have solved it by choosing the eastern coast of this Mediterranean island. For several reasons: this is an area full of historical and natural attractions, which certainly will not make you regret of your choice. As long as you know what to see along the east coast of Sardinia.


What see

The advice is to spend at least a week here. And below you can find a seven days itinerary that, starting from Golfo Aranci, will take you south, until you get to Arbatax.

  • First day. The first twenty-four hours you will spend admiring the main things to see in Golfo Aranci: the church of Marinella, the sacred well of Milis, the church of the Madonna del Monte, the ancient church of San Giuseppe, the Vecchio Semaforo.
  • Second day. Just south of Golfo Aranci is one of the main inhabited centers on the east coast of Sardinia. The second day you will spend it visiting the city of Olbia and its main attractions such as the castle of Pedres, the historic center, the Roman aqueduct. If you have some time left you may also decide to see some of the most beautiful beaches in Olbia.
  • Third day. You can not leave Olbia without having seen at least once the beautiful archipelago that is just offshore. La Maddalena is to be seen during a holiday on the east coast of Sardinia, with its beaches, the historic center, the house of Garibaldi in Caprera. And for all diving enthusiasts, La Maddalena reserves breathtaking backdrops.
  • Fourth day. The Nuragic civilization has left important evidence in this part of Sardinia. Like the nuraghe of Olbia, Sa Testa and Riu Mulinu above all. Or like the giant tomb of Su Monte de s’Ape, the largest in Sardinia. These three sites should be able to visit them in a single day.
  • Fifth day. You will arrive on the Ogliastra coast. This is where Tortolì is located, stage of the sixth day. Some of the main things to see are the former battery area, the pond, the Sant’Andrea Apostolo church and the San Miguel tower.
  • Sixth day. Gorge of Gorroppu, Tiscali, Forest of Montarbu and Codula di Luna are the four most beautiful excursions that can be done on the Gennargentu: for the sixth day, choose one and rely on an expert guide.
  • Seventh day. The last twenty-four hours of this tour along the east coast of Sardinia, as well as the last day before leaving, will be dedicated to the town of Arbatax: the Rocce Rosse, Porto Frailis, San Gemiliano, the marina.



There is also another way to discover the east coast of Sardinia: see the most beautiful beaches, authentic jewels set in a fabulous coastline. The truly unforgettable are located in:

You could also supplement the route given above with some of the beaches found in these three areas.


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