Sardinia: between sport and relax, here is cala Cipolla

Cipolla’s cove sardinia

It’s just before capo Spartivento, where there’s the lighthouse, which dominates with its bulk the beach of cala Cipolla, on the south coast of Sardinia.


The beach

Pure sand, of a brilliant white. Granite rocks with hundreds of forms that are on the sides of the beach. The sea is clear, between two rocky spurs. This is cala Cipolla and these are the reasons why it’s considered one of the most beautiful in the south side of Sardinia.

Near the beach there’s another one that you should visit: it’s S’acqua Durci of Baia di Chia.


Who should visit it

This beach isn’t so large and there aren’t many services. But there are many positive aspects, like the water, which is shallow for many meters, a perfect feature for who is going to have a holiday with children. Moreover, considering the beauty of the sea and the winds which are sufficiently constant, this beach is perfect for windsurfing, snorkeling and diving.


How to reach it

Starting from Cagliari, reaching Cipolla’s cove is very easy:

  • Take the State road 195 to Teulada
  • Turn right to Chia and continue driving for some kilometers until you see the road signs to the beach
  • Once you’ve arrived in a wide parking, leave the car
  • From here starts an unpaved path, which is about a hundred meters long, that takes you to cala Cipolla.


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