Sardinia, Su Pallosu, and the beach where cats are free

cat beach SardiniaIn Sardinia, the beaches for dogs abound. And for the cats? In Sardinia there is a place that all cat lovers dream, especially on vacation: it is the so-called “cat beach”, Su Pallosu, in the province of Oristano.

Su Pallosu is in the heart of Sardinia West coast, a wild area with several archaeological finds. And here there is one of the oldest cat colonies of the Peninsula, dated back to the beginning of the last century. Cats are completely free on this beach, enjoying the beautiful sea of this side of Sardinia.

All cats are strictly registered and microchipped. The cultural association “Amici di Su Pallosu” takes care of them and of the secular colony. This association manages the colony at their own expense and with donations of Oristano citizens.

Su Pallosu cats are famous because, unlike the other felines, absolutely don’t fear water: it is not uncommon to see them swimming happily in the sea. This place will delight all cat lovers who come here to lie on the beach and fondle their favorite felines.

Su Pallosu cat colony is located in the marina of the municipality of San Vero Milis. A visit to the cat beach could be the opportunity for a pleasant excursion from Porto Torres or from Cagliari: in both cases, it will take about one hour drive to reach the beach.


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