Holiday in Sardinia: discover which is the best part of the island

Sardinia best part

For your next holiday, the destination is chosen: it’s Sardinia. But this is not enough for you. Because you want to know (and to see, obviously) which is the best part of this island.

Before you go, you have to decide one thing: what kind of holiday would you like to have? Only in this way you can find the best part of this island.



They are several, places that don’t fear comparison with any other beach in the world. For you, holiday is synonym of sun, sea and white sand? If so, here there are the 10 most beautiful beaches of Sardinia: you will not forget these places so easily.



  • Snorkeling. Scuba mask and snorkel are always in your suitcase. Sardinia best places for snorkeling are Capo Carbonara, Stintino, Cala Gonone, Golfo Aranci.
  • Scuba diving. Tavolara, La Maddalena, Santa Teresa di Gallura and Asinara: these are the best dive sites of Sardinia.
  • Trekking. For all hikers, the best part of Sardinia is only one: it’s Gennargentu, a large massif in central-southern Sardinia.


Holiday with family

Are you planning to spend a vacation with family? In this case, the destination in Sardinia is the capital city of the Region: in Cagliari, things to do with kids are several.


History and culture

Even in this case, the destination of your journey is Sardinia capital city. Cagliari is ancient and rich in art, history, culture.



Sardinia is an island surrounded by other island. The most beautiful are Tavolara, Asinara, la Maddalena, Caprera, San Pietro, Sant’Antioco.



At least, the best part of Sardinia for you can be Ogliastra, where the ancient traditions of the island are still alive.


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