Sardinia: an itinerary of 5 beaches to enjoy the sea in autumn

Sardinia Beaches Autumn

Autumn. A holiday this season means tranquillity, no mass tourism, special and suggestive atmospheres. It also means beaches and the possibility to make the last dives in the sea of the season. Exactly your desire. And it is exactly what will offer you this particular itinerary in five stages along the west coast of Sardinia.

The starting point is Bosa Marina, in the province of Oristano. From here, you move south, following the coast, and you will reach the other stages of the itinerary.

  1. Bosa Marina. Starting from Bosa (the “Kingdom” of Malvasia, one of the best wines of Sardinia), just a little way, just ten minutes from the town centre, to get to Bosa Marina. It is a two kilometre long beach, easy to reach and equipped with many bathing services.
  2. Porto Alabe. Here, the situation changes radically. You will find yourself in front of a landscape that can be defined with a simple adjective: wild. Water is a spectacle, the sea is open and the seabed becomes immediately deep. The beach of Porto Alabe, however, is not equipped.
  3. Is Arenas. Once upon a time, there was one of the deserts of Europe. Then, the hand of man created a forest of 1500 hectares that developed spontaneously: now Junipers, mastic, pines and acacias delimit the advancing of the dunes. And visitors can admire is Arenas, which with its six kilometres is one of the longest beaches in Sardinia.
  4. Sa Mesa Longa. It is easily accessible and close to Is Arenas. Just under Cape Mannu, opens Sa Mesa Lunga, a long crescent moon of immaculate sand. Where the subsoil keeps fossil artifacts inestimable.
  5. Torre Grande. The beach is made up of very large sand and always frequented by many people, but in the Autumn Torre Grande becomes more intimate, harvested, silent.

To reach Bosa Marina, the starting point of this particular itinerary, from Porto Torres, one of the main ports where ferries to Sardinia are docked, you must:

  • take the E25 southbound;
  • just before arriving in Macomer, take the State Road 129 bis Following the signs for Bosa Marina.

The journey by car lasts more o less an hour and a half.


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