Sardinia adventure parks: spend a day in the Parco avventura Le Ragnatele

Sardinia adventure parks: Parco avventura Le Ragnatele

Acrobatic paths and routes. Both for adults and children. Surrounded by unspoiled nature. If you would like to spend a day like this, at your disposal there is the Parco avventura Le Ragnatele, one of the best adventure parks in Sardinia.


The adventure park

Near Le Bombarde beach (Alghero), this is a 38-thousand-square-meters adventure park. There are three acrobatic routes for adults and three paths for children. In addition to this, the park offers many other services: children’s playground, bar, dining area, toilet.


How to get there

From Porto Torres, one of the main ports where ferries to Sardinia dock:

  • Take the county road 42 towards south.
  • Take the state highway 291 following the road signs to Fertilia.
  • Once in Fertilia, take the state highway 127bis following the road signs to Strada Vicinale del Lazzaretto.

The journey by car takes about thirty minutes.


Places to see

Since you are planning to spend a holiday in this (beautiful) part of Sardinia, in addition to the adventure park, there are three places that you should visit.

  • Porto Torres. The “starting point” of this holiday. Porto Torres is one of the most beautiful cities in Sardinia, a place that combines historic charm with the beauty of nature.
  • Sassari. Duomo, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and chiesa di San Pietro di Silki are only three of the things to see in Sassari.
  • Riviera del Corallo. Along this part of the Sardinian coast, there are nine wonderful beaches. In summer, they are simply amazing. In the other seasons, they will allow you to admire unforgettable landscapes.


Further information

For further information about the Parco avventura Le Ragnatele (opening times, ticket cost, guided tours, events), you can visit the official website of the adventure park,


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