Sardinia in 2 days: where to go? 5 ideas for your holiday

Sardinia in 2 days

Two days aren’t enough to see a big and rich land like Sardinia. But this is the time that you can spend for a journey in this island. Well, for this holiday we have five ideas that will allow you to see some of the most beautiful places of this island.


1. Cagliari

Sardinia capital city is an absolute must for any trip to Sardinia. You can follow this itinerary with the things to see in Cagliari in two days: bastione di Saint Remy, torre dell’Elefante, Ghetto degli Ebrei, Cittadella dei musei, torre di San Pancrazio, spiaggia del Poetto, spiaggia di Quartu Sant’Elena, Sella del Diavolo.


2. Gennargentu

Mountain in Sardinia is synonym of Gennargentu, a big range of roundish mountains. Hiking is the main attraction of this area: among the most beautiful hikes there are gola di Gorropu, Tiscali, foresta di Montarbu. Alternatively, you can take Trenino verde di Arbatax (literally “Arbatax green train”) and visit the different towns of Gennargentu.


3. Olbia

A destination recommended for those who want to relax on a beach, and for those who want to discover the ancient history of Nuragic civilization. The first day you can visit the most important attraction of Olbia: the old town centre, the archeological museum, parco Fausto Noce, Roman aqueduct, Pedres castle.

For the second day, you can choose between:

  • The most beautiful beaches of Olbia, such as Pittulongu, Porto Istana, Marinella, Marina Maria, Punta Volpe, Le Saline.
  • The most important nuraghes of Olbia, such as Sa Testa and Riu Mulinu.


4. Porto Torres

Your will spend this two days holiday between the beauty of the story and the beauty of the beaches.

  • During the first day you will see the most important attractions of Porto Torres: basilica di San Gavino, basilica di San Gavino a mare, palazzo di Re Barbaro, terme Maetzke e terme Pallottino, Ponte romano, Turris Libisonis.
  • During the second day you will see some of the most beautiful beaches of Porto Torres, such as Balai, Scogliolungo, Renaredda, Acque Dolci.


5. Islands

The last of these five ideas for a two days holiday in Sardinia is visiting some of the most famous islands, such as Asinara, Maddalena and Caprera.


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