Beaches not to be missed in Santa Teresa di Gallura: the 7 most beautiful

Santa Teresa di Gallura beaches

If we talk about what to see in Santa Teresa di Gallura, we must mention its beaches. Absolutely recommended for a holiday dedicated to the most complete relaxation in unforgettable places. And these are the seven most beautiful beaches.

  1. Cala Spinosa. We start with one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. It can be reached along paths not very easy but the show you admire will repay the small excursion: Cala Spinosa is an authentic paradise made of crystalline water surrounded by white cliffs surrounded by unspoiled nature.
  2. Rena Bianca. It could be considered the town beach of Santa Teresa di Gallura. Easily reachable even on foot, it’s a long strip of immaculate white sand. There are not many services but this is compensated by the proximity to the town.
  3. Capo Testa. It’s a promontory located just north of Santa Teresa di Gallura, easily reachable by car and immediately recognizable by the presence of the characteristic lighthouse. The coast of Capo Testa is a succession of little known little coves that can be reached along often hidden paths.
  4. Rena di Levante. Taking Capo Testa street, follow the signs for the promontory we talked about before, which is connected to the mainland by a small isthmus. Going through this isthmus, take a look to the right, you will find Rena di Levante: a small sandy beach overlooking a fabulous sea.
  5. Rena di Ponente. It’s located on the other side of the isthmus. Also of sand, it’s much longer than its sister and the sea remains low for many more meters.
  6. Rena Majori. It can be reached by taking the road to Castelsardo. Rena Majori is an immaculate beach of white sand and lapped by a turquoise sea. There are no services.
  7. Valley of the Moon. The last of the tips we give you is also the most particular. Valle della Luna is a narrow, long valley set between two rock ridges. In particular, from here you can reach two beaches: Cala dell’Indiano on the right and Cala Grande on the left.

Here are the beaches of Santa Teresa di Gallura. And, to see them all, just book a place on one of the ferries to Sardinia.


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