What to see in Santa Teresa di Gallura: 7 places not to be missed

Santa Teresa di Gallura what to see

There are the beaches, which are the main attraction of this destination on the coast of Sardinia. But if you talk about what to see in Santa Teresa di Gallura, know that the sea and the coast are not everything: there are also other attractions to admire during your holiday in this location.


1. Old town

This is the “business card” of a locality. Where to go if you really want to breathe the most authentic atmosphere of the place: the Old town of Santa Teresa di Gallura is well cared for and kept, made of small streets and alleys.


2. Cala Spinosa

To make the idea of the place you will go to visit, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Cala Spinosa is a small beach of sand protected by two granite cliffs. The reflections of the sea vary from turquoise to emerald.


3. Moon Valley

A small valley with a particular shape: narrow and long, enclosed between two granite walls. The Valley of the moon ends on a clearing that faces directly on the sea. From here you can go down to two coves: Cala of the Indian on the right and Cala Grande on the left.


4. Rena Bianca

It’s the beach of Santa Teresa Gallura. 700 metres of immaculate white sand overlooking a fairytale sea. The beach of Rena Bianca is nestled between two cliffs that smell of Mediterranean scrub.


5. Tower of Longosardo

A fortress with a screws and cylindrical shape named after the homonymous castle of the fourteenth century. It is located between the bays of Santa Reparata and Porto Longhi.


6. Capo Testa

It is a small island connected artificially with the mainland. Small and hidden coves, a lighthouse, granite rocks that reach the sea, water in the shades of green and turquoise: as you understand here you can take some beautiful photos, perhaps from the suggestive lighthouse of Capo Testa.


7. Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante

The promontory of Capo Testa, located about seven kilometers from Santa Teresa di Gallura, is joined to the mainland by a thin isthmus of land. On the two sides of this isthmus lie, respectively, Rena di Ponente (or the Taltana) and Rena di Levante. By virtue of their position, the sea here is always very calm.


After organizing your itinerary with what to see in Santa Teresa di Gallura you just have to leave. After booking a ferry to Sardinia.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/a-issleib

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