Sant’Efisio feast 2015 in Cagliari: traditions and devotion

  • Published: 18-03-2015
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Sant’Efisio feast Cagliari 2015Every year from 1657 this important religious feast takes place following a precise and never changed ritual. The city of Cagliari will pay homage to Sant’Efisio in 2015 too, with the procession on May 1.


The Saint

Sant’Efisio lived in the Third Century AD, under the Emperor Diocletian. Born in Elìa Capitolina, a Roman colony of Jerusalem, young Efisio was sent to Italy to fight the spread of Christianity. But, according to tradition, he converted himself to Christianity after seeing a cross shining in the sky. Cross that was imprinted on the palm of his hand.

Efisio became a staunch defender of Christianity. As a result Diocletian ordered the martyrdom, which took place in the prison of Nora, on January 15, 303 AD.


Origins of procession

Sardinia and especially Cagliari were hit by plague in 1656. The administration of Cagliari decided to made a vow to Sant’Efisio: if the saint had defeated plague, the city would have pay homage to him with a procession on May 1. In September, rain vanquished plague. The promised procession took place the year after, on May 1, 1657.


The procession

Sant’Efisio procession starts on May 1. The procession from Cagliari arrives in Nora and it returns to Cagliari four days after. The procession has a precise order: traccas (oxcarts festively decorated), devotees on horseback, Campidano Knights riding horses, Militiamen with musket and saber, the Guardianìa in black tailcoat, Alter Nos (the representative of the mayor of Cagliari), the members of Gonfalone archconfraternity, the “Collateral” parading on the two sides of the coach.


For more information about Sant’Efisio feast 2015, visit official website.


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