Sant’Efisio 2017: two processions to pay homage to a defender of Christianity

  • Published: 4-04-2017
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Sant’Efisio 2017 in Cagliari

It takes place, in the same order and always at the same time, since centuries. And, since centuries, it is one of the most anticipated religious events by the inhabitants of the Sardinian capital city. We are talking about the processions of Sant’Efisio, which will take place from May 1st to 4th.



This is the story of a martyr. Efisio, who lived in the Third century A.D., was sent by the emperor Diocletian to fight Christians. But, after seeing a cross shining in the sky, he converted to Christianity, becoming a staunch defender.

For this reason, Diocletian ordered the martyrdom, which took place on January 15th, 303 A.D., in Nora. The processions evoke the martyrdom of Sant’Efisio.


May 1st: from Cagliari to Sarroch

After the Mass of the Alter Nos in the church of Sant’Efisio (11am), the procession begins: passing through the old town centre of the Sardinian capital city, it will arrive, at 3pm, in the church of Sant’Efisio in Giorgino. Here, the statue of the saint wears traveling clothes and get to Sarroch.


May 2nd and 3rd: the procession continues

On May 2nd, the procession will get from Sarroch to Nora. The statue of Sant’Efisio will remain in Nora throughout May 3rd.


May 1st: from Nora to Cagliari

On the morning of May 4th, the procession leaves Nora and, passing through Pula and Giorgino, arrives in Cagliari at 10pm, in a blaze of faithful.


A city to visit

The procession of Sant’Efisio is a distinctly religious time. It could also become an opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. In particular:

  • You can visit Cagliari in one day and not miss any of the main attractions of the Sardinian capital city, such as bastione di Saint Remy (a bastion), Torre dell’elefante and torre di San Pancrazio (two ancient towers).
  • In late May, you might find the ideal climatic conditions to see some of the most beautiful beaches of Cagliari, such as Poetto, Tuerredda and Su Giudeu.


Further information

For further information about the 2017 edition of the processions of Sant’Efisio in Cagliari, you can visit Cagliari municipality official website,


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