Sant’Andrea beach: one of the most beautiful on Asinara island

Sant’Andrea beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Asinara. See it is the desire of all travellers who want sand, sun and sea. It’s a pity if you don’t visit this place during a holiday on Sardinia north coast. And, fortunately, it is not your case because you have decided to see Sant’Andrea beach.


The beach

Cala Sant’Andrea is a bay of fine white sand. The sea, and there would be no need to say it, is turquoise, transparent and completely untouched (in fact Asinara is protected in the homonymous national park). Perhaps, the real distinguishing characteristic of this beach is the contrast of colors: the turquoise sea, the light brown of the rocks, the deep green of the Mediterranean scrub.


A beach recommended for…

It is recommended almost exclusively to hikers. Don’t get there with the idea to plunge in its waters: Cala Sant’Andrea is in the full protection area of the park. For more information, visit the official website of Asinara National Park,


How to get there

To get to Asinara island, you have to take a ferry from the towns of Porto Torres or Stintino, located on Sardinia north coast. Once you are on the island, contact Asinara National Park in order to visit Sant’Andrea beach.


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