The 7 most beautiful beaches in San Teodoro: relaxation and nightlife

San Teodoro beaches

This place is very, very famous for its nightlife. But not only. Because there’s another reason for which San Teodoro, in Sardinia, is so appreciated by tourists: its beaches. And these are the seven most beautiful beaches that you can see here.

  1. Cala Brandinchi. Fine white sand, dunes and pine forests that surround a turquoise sea: welcome to Cala Brandinchi. The water is shallow for several meters, several services are available on the beach and there is a large parking area: Cala Brandinchi is ideal for a holiday with children and for those who want to enjoy a day dedicated solely to relaxation.
  2. La Cinta. It is one of the most popular beaches in San Teodoro. It is a 5 km long beach. The sea is turquoise. White sand dunes and juniper trees separate the beach from the lagoon. La Cinta is a great idea both for young people, since it is near San Teodoro, and for a holiday with family.
  3. Capo Coda Cavallo. It’s a small white sand beach. The colours of the sea are emerald and turquoise. There are no services available on the beach: Capo Coda Cavallo is famous for its “wild” atmosphere.
  4. Baia Salinedda. Above all, this beach is unique thanks to the colour of its sand: very clear and very fine, it has grey shades. The view that you can enjoy from this beach is enriched by a breathtaking sea and Ruia Island. Baia Salinedda has a parking area.
  5. Punta Molara. In Monte Petrosu, near San Teodoro, there is a beach that mixes sand and small rocks that rises from the sea. In such a place, the colours and the shades of the sea are simply unforgettable. Punta Molara is also recommended for snorkeling and diving.
  6. Lu Impostu. Another beach located in Capo Coda Cavallo, near Cala Brandinchi. The seabed is sandy and the water is shallow. Lu Impostu is surrounded by dunes covered with juniper trees, wild thistles and sea lilies. Behind the beach there is a small lagoon. Several services are available and there is a large parking area.
  7. Cala Suaraccia. This fine sand beach is enriched by the contrast of colours: the green of the nature, the whiteness of the sand and the blue of the sea. The water is shallow and there are several services available.

These are the seven most beautiful beaches to see in San Teodoro. How to get to this small paradise on the northern coast of Sardinia? The nearest tourist port is Olbia. And to get to San Teodoro, take SS 131 DCN towards south: the journey by car takes about 30 minutes.


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