A trip between sacred and profane: San Simplicio feast 2015 in Olbia

  • Published: 15-04-2015
  • Category: Events

San Simplicio feast 2015The celebrations last nine days. During these days you can make a trip between sacred and profane, to discover the ancient traditions of Sardinia. San Simplicio feast 2015 in Olbia, as always, is a very awaited event in this part of the island.

Two are the most important moments during San Simplicio feast 2015 in Olbia:

  • The Solemn Vespers (the sunset prayer) in honor of the saint, on May 14.
  • May 15. It is the most important moment of the feast. It begins in the morning, with the Diana of the city band. The Holy Mass is celebrated at midmorning. The solemn procession starts in the afternoon from the square of San Simplicio, with the participation of band, folk groups from every part of Sardinia, voluntary, military and civilian associations.

San Simplicio feast is the opportunity to see and learn about the ancient traditions of Sardinia. An appointment enriched by other events, such as Olbia city palio, poetry contests in Limba (Limba Sarda Comuna, a form of writing in Sardinian language) and the awaited feast of mussels.

Since you’re there, in Olbia the things to see are several. In addition to this, two of the most beautiful Sardinian islands are easy to reach from Olbia: we’re talking about Caprera and la Maddalena.

For more information about San Simplicio feast 2015 in Olbia, visit Olbia municipality official website, Comune.olbia.ss.it.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/art_roman_p

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