Spending Saint Valentine’s Day in 2017 in Sardinia: 5 ideas for a romantic holiday

  • Published: 17-01-2017
  • Category: Events

Saint Valentine’s Day 2017 in Sardinia

A romantic and quiet destination, where you can spend a couple of days with your better half: that’s what you want for Valentine’s Day 2017. You only need the idea and the destination. Regarding the destination, Sardinia is waiting for you.

And Regarding, we can give you five.


1. Cagliari

The Sardinian capital city can be a very, very romantic destination. Romantic such as the views from Sella del Diavolo and Bastione di Saint Remy, such as the narrow streets of Quartiere Castello, and such as Parco Monte Claro. And don’t forget to visit the wonderful promenade of Cagliari.


2. Spas

Two or three days dedicated exclusively to relaxation, spa treatments, good food and nature: Sardinia has what you need. In fact Sardara, Fordongianus, Benetutti and Casteldoria are four very renowned spas. To restore body and mind.


3. Ogliastra

There is a region that seems to concentrate the best of what this Mediterranean island has to offer: the caves, beaches, history, and mountains. We are talking about the Ogliastra region. And these are the most important things to see.


4. Cannonau

One Sardinian most famous wines gives its name to a very special itinerary that will take you to discover the colours, the scents and the atmospheres of the four villages where this delicious wine is produced: Jerzu, Tortolì, Oliena, Mamoiada.


5. Ski holiday

What about a wonderful ski holiday on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2017? The ski resort of Bruncu Spina is the destination for those who want to ski in Sardinia. And it’s easy to reach from Arbatax.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/danielino

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