Sa Sartiglia 2017: a carnival in Sardinia to discover

  • Published: 7-02-2017
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sa sartiglia 2017

In Oristano, to say Sartiglia is like to say Carnival. From 26 to 28 February 2017, in Oristano, an enterteinment show awaits you, if you decided to go to Sardinian town on the occasion of mask festival. The Sartiglia can be described as an equestrian event, certainly particular. It takes place the last Sunday and Tuesday of Carnival. It’s dominated by the figure of Componidori, a knight who becomes the king of the feast, after a suggestive ritual of dressing. The carousel has its roots in the military games used for militia training. Their introduction in Europe, it’s perhaps ascribable to the Crusaders around the eleventh century.

Sardinia even in winter then, to spend two days of fun, among the masks. The Sartiglia is a great event of the Sardinian land, related to the term of his name which comes from the castilian sortija – fate. The knights in fact throw the horses into a gallop through the narrow streets of the center. The goal is to be able to pierce with a sword, a silver star along the way. The Sartiglia also provides the show of the pairs: divided into groups of three, the knights do the choreographies on horses. If you are curious, you have to go to Oristano and don’t hesitate to live a different and exciting carnival.


How to get

The main harbours, starting from which, you can reach Oristano are Porto Torres and Cagliari.

  • From Cagliari, take the E25 / SS131 northbound and follow the signs to Oristano. The journey by car takes about one hour.
  • From Porto Torres, take the E25, this time heading south, and follow the signs to Oristano. The trip by car takes just one hour and half.


Further information

For more information on the Sa Sartiglia 2017 in Oristano (complete programme, changes of dates and times), you can visit the official website of the foundation Sa Sartiglia,


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