Sa Candelaria: bread and cheerfulness, a Christmas tradition of Sardinia

Sardinia Christmas traditions: Sa Candelaria

Orgosolo, in the province of Nuoro, is known (especially but not only) for the beautiful sociopolitical murals that embellish streets and houses. If you are in Barbagia during Chirstmas holidays, in Orgosolo you can discover one of the most characteristic Christmas traditions of Sardinia: Sa Candelaria.

This tradition is held on the morning of December 31. When all the children of Orgosolo nock on the doors asking for sa candelaria. The doors are always open. Children make their request by saying one phrase: A nolla dàzes know Candelaria? (“Do you give us the Candelaria?”). A phrase that will resonate through the streets of the village until noon.

Sa Candelaria is a gift that consists of a special kind of bread (the so-called cocòne), fruit, biscuits and some coins. This tradition is still very alive in Orgosolo. Indeed, the children wait with impatience for Sa Candelaria and families work to prepare the feast in the best way.

The real heart of this Sardinian Christmas tradition is, in fact, the cocòne. It is prepared by groups of women of the same family or in good-neighbor relations. Cocòne is made of wheat flour mixed with yeast, warm water, salt and lard. The mixture is then divided into spherical-shaped pieces. Then, using rolling pin, they become small “pastry discs”: this is the so-called tundina.


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