Cagliari: 7 most romantic places fora n unforgettable Valentine’s Day

romantic places Cagliari

The Sardinian capital will be the destination of your trip to Sardinia on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Great choice: This city is ideal for a couple holiday. As long as you know which are the most romantic places to discover in Cagliari, places that will provide the right atmosphere to the holiday with your sweet half.

  1. Castello district. The most evocative district of the entire Sardinian capital. Narrow alleys, ancient castles, a unique atmosphere. Walking around this place hand in hand is one of the things to do on Valentine’s Day.
  2. Monte Claro park. Another beautiful place to walk, completely immersed in nature. Even if it is in the center of town, in practice will be like having moved away from Cagliari and find yourself completely immersed in the green. The “fontana logo” is a bit of a symbol of the whole park. Relaxation and tranquillity are insured.
  3. Bastione di Saint Remy. It is located in the already mentioned Castello district. If you pass by, you can’t help but stop. It is one of the most important monuments of Cagliari. But especially from the Bastione di Saint Remy you can admire the whole city that extends below you. Recommended, in particular, at sunset.
  4. Sella del Diavolo. Don’t be misled by the name, it is one of the most romantic places in Cagliari. Its particular shape, that from afar it seems that of a saddle, is unmistakable. This rocky promontory faces directly on the Golfo degli Angeli. There is a path that rises along the Sella del Diavolo that you can walk, it is a little challenging but the landscape will repay everything.
  5. Tuerredda. It is located in the homonymous town. To reach it, it takes about an hour by car starting from Cagliari. In this hour’s drive, you will realize how spectacular, even in winter, the landscape offered by Tuerredda, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.
  6. Molentargius – Saline Regional Park. It is located between Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena. In this priceless marine protected area, since the mid-nineties, it lives a resident colony of pink flamingos. You will remain speechless when you see them hovering in the air.
  7. Lungomare. Waterfront. The promenade could not be missed in the list of the most romantic places in Cagliari. Even in this case the most suitable time for a walk is at sunset, maybe after seeing the other beauties of the city (you can follow this itinerary to see Cagliari in one day).

And finally? Nothing better than a wonderful romantic evening in one of the many restaurants in the Castello district. Restaurants that, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, will surely provide special menus.


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