Rena Majore: relaxation, snorkeling, a day with your family

Rena Majore beach

Rena Majore is on the north coast of Sardinia, near Aglientu city. Starting from Aglientu, there’s a sandy shore, which is crossed by Rio Cantaru and Rio Ciuchesa. Here is Rena Majori beach.


The beach

The seabed is made of brilliant white sand. The coast is covered and always quiet. The beach is surrounded by dunes which are fully covered by greenery. The sea, it’s obvious, it’s turquoise and clear. There’s a pinewood behind the beach where you can stay away from the sun in the hours which are particularly hot. For these reasons Rena Majori is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.


For who it’s recommended

The main reason for which so much people come to this beach is that you can have a really relaxing day. Rena Majori is recommended for those who are spending a holiday with kids, thanks to the shallow water and the near pinewood.

There’s also a big parking and there are a lot of services on the beach, such as deckchair and beach umbrella renting. The sea is full of fish, and it is very appreciated by the ones who want to do snorkeling.


How to reach Rena Majore

Rena Majore is near the city of Aglientu. You can reach it from Olbia and Porto Torres, two of the principal ports near the beach.

  • From Olbia, you have to drive along the 125 State Road to Santa Teresa di Gallura and then, once you arrive in Palau, turn into 113 State Road to Rena Majore. It takes about an hour if you’re with a car.
  • From Porto Torres, take the 90 provincial road to Santa Teresa di Gallura. It takes about half and an hour if you’re with a car.


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